Differences between stainless steel wire mesh and galvanized wire mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh is considered suitable and the use of stainless steel wire made of the material from the main points are 201,304,316 and so different material. 201 due to nickel less rust, 304 nickel does not rust is a good choice for filtration of industrial fluids. Galvanized wire mesh with galvanized wire mesh and hot galvanized wire mesh.
Cold galvanized wire mesh in the twinkling of an eye will not rust. Hot galvanized wire mesh corrosion and oxygen gasification experience is much higher than the cold galvanized wire mesh, and the cost of less than 304 stainless steel wire mesh, mainly a number of zinc on the wire, hot galvanized, zinc and steel Between the occurrence of profile, the formation of zinc-iron intermetallic compound layer, that is, alloy layer. Alloy layer and steel and zinc are smelted between the metal bonding, than the lacquer and steel bonding more solid. The hot galvanized layer exposed to the atmospheric background will not peel off for decades until it is absolutely natural. When the galvanized layer has a small crack or damage, the zinc will be sacrificed by the way the anode is then prevented from cracking or destruction of the steel rust, which is the galvanized layer that is superior to other coatings. Cold galvanized wire containing zinc less rust. Hot galvanized zinc does not rust. It can be seen that nickel and zinc are two kinds of metal elements that are not oxygenated with water. Nickel content of high non-magnetic, zinc more cost less.

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