Cotton vibrating screen is the necessary equipment of sand production line, cotton knitting structure vibration screen is pre bent into a corrugated form of metal wire, the two bending card in the same position, ensure that the mesh size, mesh has a two-way bending vibration of corrugated embossing, locked bending, two-way separated wave bending, flat bending, unidirectional corrugated bend, firm structure, used for mining, coal, petroleum, construction, glass factory, metal products industry etc..

1. Wire: wire, black iron wire, galvanized iron wire;

2. Black: black steel wire is also known as the high carbon steel wire, high hardness, manganese and add, made of high manganese cotton net, increase abrasion resistance. Commonly used in screening of mine network. The commonly used manganese steel 45#Mn, 65#Mn.

3. Galvanized wire for wire diameter thin cotton net, used to make a barbecue net. General galvanized wire production process wire -- -- -- -- pull pull annealing annealing, galvanizing.

4. Galvanized wire: wire rod production process is: -- -- -- -- pull pull galvanizing annealing. It can be seen that the wire less an annealing process in the production process, so the wire is hard, corrosion resistance than galvanized.

Silk, but the price is lower than galvanized wire.

5. Stainless steel wire: 301, 302, 304, 304L,, 316L, etc..

6. Copper clad steel wire: copper clad steel, as the name implies, is a copper clad steel wire, that is, the steel wire wrapped around the copper layer of composite wire.


galvanized weld wire mesh  galvanized weld wire mesh  galvanized weld wire mesh

stainless steel wire mesh  stainless steel wire mesh  stainless steel wire mesh