304 stainless steel mesh mesh obstruction

When the background of the nutrient content is greater than 5 percent, if there is no conditions for the implementation of dry disposal of materials, stainless steel wire mesh for the screen, sieve for dry selection. When the nutrient is greater than 8 percent, wet sieves should be used. On the tabular grain more material, the demand for changes in material broken and different ways to break the process of particle size deployment.
Stainless steel wire mesh in the course of the use of stainless steel mesh can easily lead to obstruction, summed up back to have the following end by
One, 304 stainless steel wire mesh over the impurities of impurities, rich in many close to the stainless steel mesh mesh volume of particles;
Second, the stainless steel wire mesh or particles on the mesh with multiple contact points of the material, in simple terms is the congestion mesh is due to contact with the plane or the size of the surface of the object;
Third, the stainless steel mesh material with fiber material; flake particles more; production of stainless steel wire mesh congestion;
Fourth, stainless steel mesh rubber mesh and other thicker mesh, hole plan is not reasonable, did not reach the next small, leaving the particles stuck.
Because the need to screen the majority of the material particles are irregular, therefore, the original obstruction is also too many. When the material particle size is thin, mud content is more, and the screening particle size than the head, nutrient on the stainless steel wire mesh obstruction on the vote from the effect.

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