Wire mesh trends and classification

China's annual import volume wire mesh has reached more than one million m. The main imported products of more than 270 mesh polyester wire mesh and nylon wire mesh. Technology-intensive high-density wire mesh, high-strength low-stretch mesh, anti-static wire mesh, calendering and other special treatment wire mesh and polyester high mesh screen to be imported.

China-made polyester mesh and nylon wire mesh, a very good sales, there is a small amount of polyester wire mesh export. But domestic too little wire mesh types and specifications. High-quality, high-mesh, wide wire mesh to be developed.

Foreign countries have developed a new type of non-woven mesh. This overcomes the traditional screen mesh latitude and longitude lines to the junction of the photosensitive coating tape to trouble. Modern advanced ultra-fine graphics screen printing, screen printing fine level. High-precision positioning screen printing, screen printing and special inks quantitative large color tone screen printing and the like. We are used to screen a higher requirement: such as high strength, low elongation variability, repeatability, consistency, and long service life. Printed electronics such as mini components, integrated circuits, multi-layer printed circuit, fluorescent digital display, flat panel displays and other high-tech aerospace instrumentation products. Such as when the network needs some anti-static wire mesh printing, metal mesh processing, physical, chemical treatment or special material.

Precision printed circuit boards and electronic components Clearly, the size of the location accuracy requirements are high. In addition to the type of mesh past polyester, polyamide, stainless steel, and the emergence of high-tensile polyester yarn as the core, in order to make polyamide core sleeve gauze. Esters of polypropylene fibers, mesh 330 mesh, diameter longitude 23μm, interleaving of 36μm, to get high tension, the screen turns out to be a landmark. Moreover, in order to meet the requirements of precision, these have been screen plasma treatment, metal deposition, polishing and other processing.


Silk wire mesh is a class of large classification, also known sieve.


Barbed wire, stainless steel mesh, copper mesh, network, and other rare metals.

Press Weaving

Plain weave mesh, twill weave net, I-braid, after rolling the first series, the first series after rolling. From the production process can be classified into: woven mesh, welded wire mesh, perforated metal mesh, punching widening network (steel mesh).

By function

Filters, Fence (highway fence, rail fence), the mine screen, screens, network security (US grid), safety net, stainless steel mesh belt.

Mesh sieve common sense and so on. Comprising: a mesh, PVC coated welded wire mesh, stainless steel net, punching net, steel net, fence, fence, crimped wire mesh, window screening, copper mesh, black wire cloth, square wire mesh, barbed wire, hexagonal, net sheet, geothermal net, fence, the US grid, square wire mesh, plastic mesh, woven wire mesh, galvanized chain link fence, safety netting, razor wire, wire meshes, nylon mesh, decorative network, pet cages, mesh, network construction, oil nets, metal wire, steel wire, wire, copper wire, galvanized wire and other tens of thousands of pieces of information.

galvanized weld wire mesh  galvanized weld wire mesh  galvanized weld wire mesh

stainless steel wire mesh  stainless steel wire mesh  stainless steel wire mesh