The stadium fence is designed for new stadium design protection products. This product is high, anti climbing ability. A stadium fence fence belongs to the site, it is also known as: "sports fence". Can be installed around the column, in the construction site fence, product features maximum flexibility. Can adjust the structure, shape and size of the screen at any time according to the requirements. Stadium fence especially suitable for less than 4 meters high fence as a golf course, basketball field fencing, volleyball venues and sports training venues.

Texture of material:

Selection of high quality low carbon steel wire.

Anticorrosion treatment:

Electroplating, hot dip, spray, dip.


Stadium fence with anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti drying, weather resistance, bright color, smooth surface, strong tension, less susceptible to external impact deformation, on-site construction and installation, strong flexibility (shape and size can be adjusted according to the requirements of the scene).

Optional color:

Blue, green, yellow, white, etc.

Product use:

The stadium fence is widely used for basketball, tennis, volleyball, football, badminton court and school playground fence construction etc.. The construction of demand Seine also applies to all stadiums. At the same time because of its net surface huangtongwang has good elasticity and crashworthiness and used for feeding chicken, duck, goose, rabbit and other animal breeding and zoo fence fence


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stainless steel wire mesh  stainless steel wire mesh  stainless steel wire mesh