PVC galvanized steel wire

Gobain net material with low carbon steel wire, the surface coating.
Specifications are as follows:
Wire diameter: ¢ 2.6mm / ¢ 3.2mm / ¢ 2.2mm (GB Q / 320281 HA J01 -2000) --- after plastic ¢ 3.6mm / ¢ 4.2mm / ¢ 3.2mm (± 0.2 mm)
Tensile strength: -> 420Mpa (GB Q / 320281 HA J01 -2000).
Elongation: not less than 12%
Specific gravity:> 1.32 (ASTMD412719)
Hardness:> 50
Oblique side difference: <12 mm mesh length and width tolerance: ± 35 mm
Galvanized: not less than 250g / m2 (national standard GB / T1839-93)
2, hexagonal net
The grid is made of hot-dip galvanized low-carbon steel wire, woven by the machine into twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh. The process is the first hot-dip aluminum-zinc package after weaving. Model LW90 × 90 (± 5 mm). The mesh is 90 mm × 90 mm (± 3 mm). Mesh diameter ¢ 2.6mm, edge wire diameter ¢ 3.2mm.
Mesh limit deviation: ± 5%
3, hexagonal pad pad: for a variety of slope protection works. Its thickness of 0.15 ~ 0.50 m can be made into a variety of specifications of the Gebin pads.
Pad (specifications for the 2 ~ 3m × 1m × 0.25m as an example) using the above grid material connected by the network. The same material is used to connect the material. The edges of the cage and the cage are joined by connecting material to form an integral structure.
4, gabbing stone cage: used for a variety of retaining wall structure. Its specifications are 2 ~ 6m long, wide 1m, high 0.5 ~ 1m


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