Black Iron Wire Mesh Introduction

Black Iron Wire Mesh has good elasticity and flexibility, it can control the degree of soft and hard during the annealing process, it is made of high-quality iron wire, mainly used in construction as binding wire and tie wire.

Process: The hot metal billet rolled into 6.5mm thick steel bar wire rod it is, and then put it into the drawing device inside pulled into different diameter line, and gradually narrow the aperture plate drawing, cooling, annealing, plating processing technology into a variety of different specifications of the wire. It contains ingredients are: iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, and other elements.

Characteristics: softer than ordinary black iron wire, more flexibility, softness uniform, consistent color.

Uses: mainly used in construction, mining, chemical, welding network, welding racks, and then processing. Annealed wire soft, increase flexibility, a construction tie wire, steel banding effect is more.

Currently, annealed wire and wire drawing process commonly used in the production and galvanized. In 1976, Guangzhou galvanized iron wire factory in the domestic first application of electrolytic pickling, high pressure washing, drying card electrical new technology successfully tested a brushed continuous production line, so that the drawing process becomes continuous production from intermittent production, reduced labor intensity, reducing metal consumption. At that time, the domestic factory is capable of producing wire rope, wire spokes, the umbrella bone wire, spring steel wire, spring steel wire products such as bicycle saddles. 1980s, staples with hot dipping low carbon steel wire, steel wire fan guards, carbon structural steel, steel bed, also have come out.

Packaging: Packaging with Black Iron Wire Mesh galvanized wire packaging, like stars in the outer plastic linen, woven plastic inside, and first with a thin layer of plastic wrapped around the wire, and then the sack or bag and place it around !


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