Barbed wire fence installation

1, measuring loft; pile place in all sectors of the site anchored to the inside of 200mm (column foundation to ensure that the outer edge of the barbed wire fence does not exceed plant spacing) and practice terrain, terrain conditions for construction stakeout, set the column base line, outlaw ramp degree and terrain construction metal fence. If nook at the interval, break in, or from the intersection of the column interval missing three meters can be uniformly adjusted by two adjacent columns, but the interval should be less than 3 meters.
2, foundation construction; construction standards in line with standard post pit, pit slope and embedded at the base, as the increase in specific circumstances, to ensure robust fixed. Cassette selection template site pouring concrete grade not less than c20, mixing concrete by the use of information and collaboration than the concrete, mixing, pouring, protection should meet the relevant standards rules.
3, embedded column; column of embedded segments were first buried two uprights, and then pull the buried base of the column, the column axis in a line, there should be good and bad appearance, from the height, the capitals smooth, fold bent outward, should not be rugged appearance, column and column caps to be joined closely robust.
4, column embedded in the concrete foundation, set the temporary cable or support, the column is fixed to the proper position until the concrete to harden the suspension, concrete regimen in 14 days time, prevent installation or tighten the fastener or post any information in support, all column by describing begged and linear vertical embedded 5, in line with the standards and begged type of fence pieces, from the end of the beginning of the post robust mounted on the column, all have to tighten the mesh without deformation, which meet the technical installation height begged, Fence installation is complete, the column basis eventually compacted for disposal.
6, special circumstances; fence along the general terrain settings. In low-lying areas, the local profile on the sudden change occurs, we can not stick to the rules when the elevation, the selection of two column scheduler elevation or sudden changes in the choice of contoured mesh transition, conducted geotextile is flat when necessary, in order to obtain regular appearance.
7, Fence changing the direction of local, columns should be set three syncline stays, every 60 meters on each side set up a reinforcement bracing, bracing have obvious warning signs.

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