The hexagonal gabion cages are used in the river channel to show the effect

The origin of the hexagonal gabion cages has been a long time, but it is widely used in recent years because of its anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, high-strength characteristics, often used for river bank slope Protection and other civil engineering aspects.
The Gobbin cages have a unique advantage in protecting the river bank slope: it is only necessary to fill the gages in the cages of the Gobbin net so that the porous structure can be naturally formed to reduce the pore water pressure and to facilitate drainage. Stable and can ensure the natural exchange of water and soil, conducive to the growth of vegetation; relatively speaking, with the grid made of cages, reducing the overall cost, saving a lot of traditional retaining agencies required drainage facilities Of the relevant costs; there is one point, for the river bank slope is very important, it is free to design the assembly of qualitative, more adapted to the river bank slope with the changes.
The new technology of this project, in the normal use of the process, save time and manpower, material resources, more effective to ensure the use of efficiency, in the river bank slope protection play their own beneficial role, so that the management of river safety On the road a step further.


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