Introduction of galvanized steel wire mesh

Galvanized steel wire mesh is divided into two kinds of hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh and galvanized steel wire mesh. Galvanized steel wire netting system selection of high quality low carbon steel wire, made by precision automation machinery technology welding processing, the net surface smooth, firm structure, strong integrity, even galvanized wire mesh of the local cutting section or local pressure is not caused by loose phenomenon occurrence, wire forming net backward for zinc (hot dip) corrosion resistance is good, with wire mesh has the advantages of available external wall insulation series. Galvanized steel wire mesh can be used for poultry cages, egg baskets, channel fences, water slot, the porch door bar, anti rat, safety guards on machinery, livestock and plant fence, grid etc., which are widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, mining and other industries. Mainly used for general building facades, pouring concrete, high-rise residential, plays an important role in the structure in the insulation system, in the construction of the hot galvanized steel mesh polystyrene board is placed to inside of the casting of the exterior mold, heat insulation plate and the wall of a survival, after stripping the insulation board and the wall body rolled into one, so as to save manpower, time and cost of installation. The use of hot dip galvanized steel mesh polystyrene plate, lightweight, easy construction, the exterior surface can be used for brick, simple operation, winter can also be construction

The product is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, through the machinery automation exact spot welding process after forming, the surface treatment of zinc dipping process, the conventional British standard production, the net surface smooth, uniform solid structure, good overall performance, even if the local cutting or under pressure also won't happen loose phenomenon, it is the strongest corrosion resistance in case the whole steel wire mesh, wire mesh is one of the most widely used network, anti-corrosion quality make it popular in the breeding industry, the net surface smooth, increase the perception, can play a decorative role, this characteristic also makes it reflected in the mining industry, due to the use of the material of low carbon as raw material, making it unique in general do not have iron screen flexibility, identified it in the process of using plasticity, which can be used in the hardware aspects of the deep process Manufacturing and processing, complex wall plastering, underground leak anti cracking, light body, the cost is much lower than the cost of steel wire mesh, can realize its economical and practical.

Protection measures

The inner wall anti cracking wall plastering galvanized steel wire net

Is used by the inner and outer walls with wire mesh, welded wire mesh), in wall of steel wire net specifications construction units with: mesh as 1 / 2 inch =1.27cm, wire diameter inner wall 0.3-0.5mm, wall 0.4-0.9mm, all need according to the requirement of the construction unit of steel wire mesh.

Building plastering the use of wire network, also known as wire mesh, hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh and ordinary plastering steel wire mesh according to personal summary: plastering wall plastering engineering should the two halves, some projects taking into account the financial aspects may choose ordinary, some consider the quality of construction projects on the choice of life good, strong corrosion resistance of hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh.


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