Heavy hexagonal wire mesh nine big advantage

Heavy hexagonal wire mesh, also known as hanging, stopped stone network, mountain safety net. Can be used for slope protection, mountain rock hanging mesh shotcrete, slope planting green, highway rail fence isolation. It also made gabion. For rivers, dams and seawalls prevention of erosion and reservoirs, rivers closure with rocks cages.

Advantages of heavy hexagonal wire mesh

1. Inherent capability: flexibility, heavy hexagonal wire mesh structure provides inherent strength to withstand and resolve the masses of soil and water pressure.

2. Ease of maintenance: easy to maintain heavy hexagonal wire mesh configuration using additional mesh or grouting.

3. Extended simple: just attach more units to existing ones.

4. Flexible than rigid structures: hexagonal wire mesh construction permits natural adjustment different, without causing fracture or collapse of the Earth's structure settlement conditions.

5. Life: the gap between the stones natural sedimentation over time. Sedimentation support the growth of grass and plants, as a stone adhesive service.

6. Economical and practical: Filling materials are usually found on or near the site. No repairs are necessary, the foundation is usually unnecessary.

7. Beautiful structure: natural stone, making beautiful structure, especially after the occurrence of the plants grown.

8. Fool installation: unskilled labor can be used for rapid assembly.

9. Good penetration: heavy hexagonal wire mesh structure allows water through, water pressure can not be established behind its structure constantly drained.

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