How Fixed Galvanized Weld Wire Mesh Wall Polyethylene Resin Foam Ammonium

How Fixed Galvanized Weld Wire Mesh Wall Polyethylene Resin Foam AmmoniumThe hot metal billet rolled into 5mm thick steel bars. Then put it in the device into the drawing pull into different diameter line. And gradually narrow the aperture plate drawing. Cooling, annealing, coating and other processing into a variety of different specifications of the wire. Binding with wire by industry standard specifications are as follows: 0.50mm diameter 25 # iron wire. 0.55mm diameter 24 # iron wire. 0.60mm diameter and 0.70mm diameter wire 23 # 22 # iron wire.

Wire production because the process is simple, widely used, developed earlier. Iron or steel wire (corresponding enterprises as "enterprise screen") are once again cold steel wire products. The material generally used quality carbon steel or stainless steel. Usually after Rod shelling, pickling, washing, saponification, drying, drawing, annealing, cooling, pickling, washing, galvanizing lines, packaging certain procedures. In order to produce the production of wire (wire) of iron ingots (ingot).

At present, the production of wire and wire drawing process commonly used and galvanized. In 1976, Guangzhou galvanized iron wire factory in the domestic first application of electrolytic pickling, high pressure washing, drying card electrical new technology successfully tested a continuous production line drawing. So that the drawing process becomes continuous production from intermittent production. Reduced labor intensity. Reducing metal consumption. At that time, the domestic wire rope plant is capable of producing, spoke low-quality steel bars, umbrella wire, spring steel wire, spring steel wire products such as bicycle saddles. 1980s, staples with hot dipping low carbon steel wire, steel wire fan guards, carbon structural steel, steel bed, also have come out. Annealed wire increases the wire elongation. Make products more flexible to increase the scope of application of the wire. After electro-galvanized, hot galvanized, copper plating and screen production and other widely used in construction of reinforced barbed wire braid tie solid lead there first series after plating, after plating the first series and other methods. Through barbed wire or steel mesh treated with good anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation characteristics. It can be used for construction, petroleum, chemical, farming, landscape protection, food processing industries such as reinforcement, protection and thermal insulation.

For example, widely used in industry, agriculture, aquaculture, construction, transportation, mining and other fields is to use high-quality low-carbon welded wire mesh welded wire row. Then through the cold plating (electroplating), hot dip, PVC plastic packages such as surface passivation, plastics processing, produced by the metal flat surface, uniform mesh, solid solder joint. A stable, corrosion, corrosion resistance and good. The stainless steel welded wire mesh is made of high quality stainless steel welded wire row. Such as machine protective cover, animal livestock fence, landscaped fence, retaining the window bar, channel fences, poultry cages and Home Office food basket, basket and decorative supplies more acid, alkali, welding firm, beautiful and so on.

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