How Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Welding

How Stainless Steel Wire Mesh WeldingWhen Related Products 304 stainless steel wire mesh welding: Because stainless steel itself has properties (such as thermal expansion coefficient of 304 stainless steel is low carbon and high chromium stainless steel 1.5 times; thermal conductivity is about 1/3 of mild steel and the thermal conductivity of high chromium stainless steel is about 1/2 of mild steel; specific resistance is more than four times that of low carbon steel, stainless steel and high chromium low carbon steel is three times), and carbon steel phase. than stainless steel welding has its particularity, easier to produce a variety of defects in welded joints and heat affected zone (HAZ). Pay special attention to this when welding. Welding materials such as stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire mesh, etc., where necessary, as well as degreasing cleaning treatment, to improve the quality of welding.

Welding process is a stainless steel wire mesh deep processing products of the most commonly used welding process. Argon is a gas shielded welding technology. It is around the arc through the

Protective gases argon, in order to isolate the air outside the welding area, to prevent oxidation of the welding area in order to achieve the purpose of double-sided molding. Its technical features are back bead argon, low current (general welding current at 60A, the current size can be adjusted manually), short arc (arc voltage is below 10V, the voltage is generally non-adjustable), the welding process swing to take advantage of zigzag swing Information, interpass temperature as far as possible, the weld yellow color to white as standard, welding torch angle in the forward direction at an angle of 90 degrees and below, the gap control counterparts about 2mm.

Welded stainless steel mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh and so on, it is through automatic stainless steel welding machine production. Stainless steel welded wire mesh production is the use of the principle of complete resistance welding stainless steel mesh welding: the circuit is closed, so that the whole closed circuit and a current equal everywhere; but resistance but not the same everywhere, especially at the contact that is not fixed stigma resistance welded wire mesh machine at the maximum, the resistance in physics called contact resistance. The thermal effect of the current Law (also known as Joule's law), Q = I ^ 2; × Rt seen, at a current equal, the higher the heat resistance of the larger parts, welding in the welding stigma maximum resistance, then this electric parts produced naturally most, when the diameter of the longitudinal diameter of the stigma pressed together to release a lot of heat, so that the diameter of longitudinal diameter instantly dissolve the adhesive. Since the automatic welding machine is a row of stigma at the same time, it is high productivity welding of stainless steel mesh.

Stainless steel mesh seam welding technique known as seam welding, is to use a pair of rollers instead of spot welding electrodes, cylindrical electrodes, welding workpieces move between roulette, one nugget generates mutually overlapped sealing seam welding workpiece up approach. General AC current or pulse amplitude modulated current, it can also be three (single) phase rectifier, frequency, high frequency DC current. Seam welding is widely used stainless steel round hole mesh, stainless steel filter cartridge (such as oil sand multilayer pipe), high mesh stainless steel wire mesh butt or seam areas, a common technique is stainless steel mesh deep processing.

In the production of stainless steel filter, precision filter commonly used in some fine stainless steel filter welding process, since most of these thin stainless steel wire mesh, we need precise positioning and efficient welding process to be completed. The plasma welding is one such efficient welding technology: plasma arc is a high temperature plasma gas is ionized to generate a plasma gas flow ejected from the nozzle pores, compressed to form an elongated arc column, the temperature can reach 18000-24000K, higher than conventional free arc, such as: welding only up to 5000-8000K. Since the plasma arc has an elongated arc column, high energy density characteristics, which have extensive and special role in the field of welding stainless steel mesh.

In addition, silver solder welding technology in terms of stainless steel mesh belt, soldering technology in a number of electronic components sieve filter basket respect, also special applications.


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