Depth Understanding of Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh

Depth understanding of stainless steel welded wire meshStainless steel welded wire mesh using 316 316L 304L 304HC 304 302 superior grade stainless steel and other materials made by sophisticated automation machinery processing technology, flat surface, solid structure, strong integrity

Stainless steel welded wire mesh production process: points first series after plating, after plating the first series two kinds.

Stainless steel welded wire mesh characteristics: a strong antiseptic antioxidant properties, solid solder joint, tensile strength, surface brightness.

Calculation square meter weight (kg) = wire diameter × wire diameter × [25.4 ÷ (mesh size × 25.4 + wire diameter)] ÷ 2 meters cost price (yuan) = square meter weight × wire Unit + Welding fee + circulation costs such as : mesh size of 1/2 "× 1/2"

Use: Stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used for mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing industries such as machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belt protection. Can also be used for construction, roads, bridges for reinforcement.

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