Introduction of Wire mesh

Wire mesh is all kinds of silk and silk products of broad categories. Monofilament mesh and collectively. Wire mesh mainly refers to metal, synthetic fiber as the material from the processing. Wire mesh is a wire, metal sheet, strip and other raw materials. Depending on how the different woven or stamped into shape, density and size of the network. It is the chemical fiber, silk, metal wire and various wire method through certain textile products made. The main application is a "sieve, filtered, printed, solid, defense, protection."

Wire mesh according to the needs of different shape, density and size of the network. Wire means wire, such as stainless steel wire, iron wire, galvanized wire, brass wire, PVC wire. It refers to some kind of network processing by using products with a wire mesh (wire). Such as silk gauze Hok-huang, screens, steel net, punching network, Hulan Wang, filters, conveyor belts, conveyor belts, PVC net. Screen is a traditional industrial products. In many fields of scientific research, production and living with a wide range of uses. With the rapid development of science and technology. Screen and use the petroleum, chemical, automotive, paper, food, construction, aviation, aerospace and other industries and high-tech fields.

Wire mesh number refers to the number 2.54 cm hole. Wire mesh product specifications to express units of mesh holes / cm or lines / cm. Imperial units of measurement of countries and regions. In hole / inch or lines / inch to express the screen mesh. Mesh generally the extent Mishu mesh between filaments of. The higher the number the more dense mesh screen. The smaller mesh. Conversely, the lower mesh screen is sparse, the greater the mesh. Such as 150 mesh / inch, that is 1 inch 150 mesh. The smaller the mesh, the ink through worse. The larger the mesh, by the ink, the better. In the selection screen according to the precision printing requirements. Select a different mesh screen.

Wire mesh thickness refers to the distance between the screen surface and the bottom surface. Usually measured in millimeters (mm) or micrometers (μm). The thickness should be measured values mesh without tension when standing. The thickness is determined by the diameter of the mesh constituted. Excess ink and the mesh thickness.

galvanized weld wire mesh  galvanized weld wire mesh  galvanized weld wire mesh

stainless steel wire mesh  stainless steel wire mesh  stainless steel wire mesh