Vibrating screen is widely used in mining, cotton oil, chemical industry, building, machinery accessories, protective nets, packaging net, barbecue net, barbecue net, sintering furnace with nets, metal products, handicraft net net, vibration screen, basket net, food machinery network, network, network wall cooker food, highway, railway, infrastructure network. Anping Zhenchao metal wire mesh products factory is located in Anping County, Hebei province by the National Hardware Association to name the "Chinese silk village", is a professional dedicated to the production and development of crimped wire mesh products factory.

Daily maintenance and maintenance

Daily attention before the start of coarse mesh without damage, each ring is locked: startup noted that there is no abnormal noise, the current is stable, there is no abnormal vibration: immediately after use clean, regular inspection of coarse mesh mesh and spring has no fatigue and damage, the body parts are produced by vibration damage, need add lubricating oil must be part of lubrication.


galvanized weld wire mesh  galvanized weld wire mesh  galvanized weld wire mesh

stainless steel wire mesh  stainless steel wire mesh  stainless steel wire mesh