The role of barbed wire in the warm

1. Avoid cracking the ground: steel mesh tube must be placed above the center of the concrete is better (break ground cracked tiles reason, one does not have to steel mesh, the second is too thin on the ground concrete pouring concrete pouring to be more than 4-5cm) .
2. Accelerate the cooling rate: iron because the thermal conductivity of the ground so that the heat is relatively strong average.
3. Enhancing local load-bearing capacity of the ground: in the machine shop, garage and other larger load floor room, to warm the steel mesh sheet can advance all the strength of the structure on the ground floor, to avoid cracking the ground, collapse and so on.
4. Secure the pipe: outer insulating layer in the laying of steel wire mesh with a nylon tie as fixed pipes, the construction is characterized by faster, accurate positioning, all the good effects pipe means.

These products smooth surface, robust construction, all strong, with strong corrosion resistance, floor heating steel wire mesh: Steel wire mesh-based selection of excellent wire, through sophisticated automation machinery welding is made of steel wire mesh after forming were galvanized (electroplated or hot dip); galvanized barbed wire galvanized sheet-based selection of excellent fine wire through automation machinery welding is made.

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