Galvanized Chain Link Fence wire mesh


Low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, iron wire, stainless steel wire


Difficult to corrosion, long life, practical, mesh uniform, flat surface, weaving simple, elegant, high-quality wire mesh, mesh width wide, thick wire diameter.


Fence widely used in highway, railway, highway fence facilities, but also for interior decoration, feeding chickens, ducks, machinery and equipment safety net, machinery and equipment transport network, sports venues fence, the road green belt protection, the wire net installed after the production of a box, put stones, gabion become adapted with relatively stable slope, slope erosion slight embankment and roadbed, but also for the protection of embankments, slope surface to prevent soil erosion, enhance cutting slope stability, hillsides, road and bridge and other civil engineering. Galvanized chain link fence in the interior, raising chickens, ducks fence, machinery and equipment safety net to be applied.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence wire mesh principle Construction

Plant Protection Highway Slope Without human intervention, poor soil is difficult to achieve quickly cover vegetation. Galvanized Chain Link Fence / hanging Spray Seeding technology is anchored by a metal mesh, steel mesh or high-strength plastic three-dimensional network on a slope, using compressed air spray gun to spray the mixed foreign soil on the slope and then sprayed on vegetation seeds closely by vegetation developed root system and network body to reach the highway slope protection purposes. Galvanized chain link fence of new soil for the growth of vegetation on the slope to create favorable conditions for its composition varies with plant growth conditions on a slope and different. According Slope rates, geological conditions, temperature, rainfall and other characteristics of a reasonable choice of the type of network, galvanized chain link fence on vegetation slope protection effect will be better. Galvanized Chain Link Fence slope surface to prevent soil erosion, consolidation topsoil, enhance the stability of cutting slope, beautify the environment.


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